Verbatim DVD+R 16X 4.7GB White Inkjet Print - 100 Pack

100 Pack
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Verbatim DVD+R - 16X, 4.7GB White Printable - 100 Pack

Verbatim DVD+R discs are for use in drives and recorders that support the DVD+R format. Ideal for sharing computer data, home videos, photos, and music, as well as duplication and distribution of all kinds of DVD content.
  • Inkjet Printable
  • 4.7GB storage capacity
  • 16x recording speed

  • DVDs are one of the most efficient ways to store data available on the market today. With wide compatibility between disc drives and with vastly increased storage space compared to CDs, DVDs should always be just within arm's length, whether at home or the office. They're perfect for storing music, video, or business documents, such as text, slideshow, or spreadsheet information.

    These Verbatim Inkjet-Printable DVD+Rs are 120mm in diameter, the same size as a typical CD. But unlike a CD, these DVDs hold 4.7 GB of information, music, or video. You can record onto these discs in any compatible DVD+R or DVD-ROM drive.

    When ordering DVDs, make sure to purchase the type of DVD that best fits your purposes. There are two different types of DVDs: DVD-R and DVD+R. The most significant difference is that some discs are not compatible with all players. The DVD+R format is a little bit newer, so older DVD players and DVD-ROM drives, from around 2004 and earlier, may not play video recorded on DVD+Rs. Most players made in the last five years are designed to be compatible with both formats.

    Verbatim's Inkjet-Printable DVD+Rs are one-time writable DVDs, and are capable of recording at 16x speed. These DVD+Rs are also printable, which means you can customize the appearance of your DVDs with an inkjet disc-printer.

    Each order of Verbatim Inkjet-Printable DVD+Rs comes in a pack of 100.
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